Month: July 2023

How Long Does a Temporary Crown Last? | Stockton CA Dentist

Dentist in Stockton, CA

If you have recently seen our Stockton dentist for root canal therapy, you likely have a temporary crown placed over the tooth until the permanent crown is molded and created for your unique mouth. While some patients are eager to get through the entire process, some patients may be less eager to return for additional, […]

Is Gum Good for Your Oral Health? The Surprising Answer! | Stockton CA Dentist

Dentist in Stockton, CA

Chewing gum is a popular habit for many people, and it has been around for centuries. While some people chew gum for the flavor, others do it to freshen their breath or simply to pass the time. But the question is, is gum good for your oral health? The answer is yes, but with a […]