Month: October 2020

Dentist in Stockton CA | 9 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About the Tongue

Dentist in Stockton, CA

We use our tongues every day to talk, taste, and swallow, yet we rarely take time to think about this flexible organ. Here are 9 things you may not know about the tongue: The longest recorded tongue was more than 3.8 inches from back to tip; the widest measured over 3” across. The human tongue […]

95219 Dentist | Seniors and Oral Health

Dentist in Stockton, CA

Your teeth age with you. It’s important to keep them strong and healthy even as you grow older. Seniors are at a higher risk for developing periodontal disease. In addition to getting a regular dental examination, here are some other tips to keep your teeth healthy. Keep a Routine Regardless of age, we cannot stress […]