Stockton CA Dentist | Why The Pros are Wearing Mouthguards

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While boxers have been using mouthguards for a century, it’s only recently that other sports have followed suit. Over the last hundred years, major professional sports have come a long way, the play is faster and the hits are harder than ever before. When elite athletes make it to the big leagues, they need to take every precaution to maintain their health. That includes protecting their teeth.

A True Story

The Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry is a prime example of why mouthguards are so important. As a sophomore playing college basketball at Davidson College, Curry took an elbow to the mouth. With no layer of protection between his teeth and the rest of his mouth, Curry needed seven stitches from the team doctor before returning to finish the game. The very next day he got fitted for a mouthguard, and has been wearing one ever since. Other elite athletes including Lebron James and Russell Wilson.

Avoid Medical Expenses

If you’re not a professional athlete, unexpected medical or dental problems can be costly. That’s why it’s important to make sure the athletes in your family are wearing mouthguards. A custom-fit mouthguard protects your teeth from serious damage. It’s also much more affordable than medical bills or dental implants.